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How It Works

Corvana makes it easy to answer even your most complicated sales analytics questions FAST. Our fresh new approach provides the power of sophisticated business intelligence and machine learning tools with a user experience so simple that anyone in Sales Operations can become a power user in no time.

Here is how Corvana works:

Connect to your Cloud Applications

All you need to do to get started is provide Corvana with secure access to your Cloud Applications. Please note that and Google Analytics are the first applications supported. Other cloud applications will be added in the coming months.

Corvana creates an intelligent data mart

One of the most powerful components of Corvana is the intelligent data mart that securely stores every single revenue event that occurs across your revenue machine. It also acts as a historical database, allowing you to rewind history and instantly know how key metrics and conversion rates are trending. With Corvana, you don’t have to worry about the cost or complexity of maintaining your own analytical database.

Corvana normalizes all of your data for rapid analysis

Corvana puts all data into a time-series format and utilizes a data schema that normalizes revenue events across systems into order to speed all future analysis. Pre-built calculations and models further accelerate your time-to-value from days or weeks to hours or minutes.

Quickly Answer Your Sales Analytics Questions with Smart Data Discovery Module

Corvana features an extremely powerful, yet simple-to-use interface for quickly finding answers to even your most complex sales analytics questions. Templates for building reports, dashboards or alerts speed time-to-value. Forget using or learning SQL too. Anyone with basic admin skills can quickly become a sales analytics pro.

Keep On Top of Your Business with the Corvana Mobile Application

Ensure that everyone from sales operations to key execs stays on top of your revenue machine 24x7 via the Corvana mobile application. Corvana acts as an early warning system to alert you anytime key metrics or conversion rates change unexpectedly, giving you the time necessary to address issues before it’s too late.

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