How It Works

Corvana automates the complex and time-consuming process of tracking and analyzing metrics and notifies you whenever changes are likely to impact your business. Better yet, insights are delivered to you via social media-like feeds as they happen, allowing you to address them in real time. With Corvana, you will see value immediately, without the need for extensive training or advanced technical skills.

Here’s how Corvana works:

Sync Corvana with your account

All you need to do to get started is to provide Corvana with a login, like you would do when setting up a marketing automation system or any other companion tool.

Corvana stores events for historical and trending purposes

Unlike reports or dashboards that only provide a snapshot in time, Corvana captures and securely stores every revenue-related event for analysis. That way, you’ll always know how key revenue metrics and conversion rates compare to past quarters and how they are trending.

Corvana continuously analyzes changes to determine impact

Corvana utilizes our deep domain expertise to model normal patterns across your metrics data. As changes occur across your revenue machine, Corvana detects unexpected changes and emerging trends that will impact your business. The resulting insights are correlated and prioritized for notifying key business users.

Insights are instantly delivered via a social media-like feed

Execs and sales leaders are instantly notified whenever a new insight is identified. Feeds are customizable as are the way in which they are delivered. Feeds are accessible on both phones and laptops via browsers, email, Slack messages and (shortly) through integrations with other communication tools.

Drill down to understand the reasons why

Clicking on a link within an insight feed provides direct access to the Smart Data Discovery module, which contains additional details about the root causes behind each insight. This allows you to better prioritize your time by directing you to the specific opportunities or threats that are most likely to impact your business.

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