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How Predictable is Your Pipeline?

How Predictable is Your Pipeline?

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Companies invest heavily in reports and dashboards and yet don’t trust the resulting analysis they receive in return. Why? Because reports and dashboards are simply snapshots in time that provide little insight into how key metrics and conversion rates are trending, what underlying events are impacting top-line metrics, and whether or not future quarters are truly at risk.

The Corvana Pipeline Predictability Assessment program combines extensive recurring revenue generation expertise, industry best practices and benchmarks, and the Corvana revenue analytics solution to determine the predictability of your revenue funnel, as well as provide a set of actionable recommendations for improving visibility across every major revenue acquisition stage.

This is a no cost program with absolutely no strings attached.

How it Works

Over the following two days, your Corvana revenue analytics expert will do a deep dive investigation into your revenue funnel metrics and trends.

Your Corvana revenue analytics expert will then schedule a follow-up call to present their findings and recommendations to you and to anyone else from your organization that you would like to attend.

Included in this final report will be:

  • Overall revenue predictability assessment
  • Comparison of key revenue conversion rates to industry benchmarks
  • Areas of concerns that are likely to impact revenue in future quarters
  • Overall recommendations for improving the predictability of your pipeline

They will also describe how Corvana can help you to continuously track the true health and performance of your pipeline 24×7.

The entire process is generally completed with one week and will require no more than two hours of your time. This is a no cost program with absolutely no strings attached.