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Why Corvana

Answer Your Most Important Revenue Analytics Questions FAST

Even with a vast array of business intelligence tools on the market, many companies still run much of their business analysis in spreadsheets or dashboards. This is often because they lack the money, time or technical skills needed to deploy more sophisticated solutions. This is the exact problem that Corvana was created to solve.

Corvana is a cloud analytics solution for answering even your most complicated revenue analytics questions FAST. It combines the power of sophisticated BI and machine learning tools with a simplified user experience that enables anyone in Sales Operations to become a power user, and delivers it all in a cloud application that is inexpensive to maintain and easy to access anywhere.

Capability Dashboards Traditional BI
Analytical Capabilities
Track Basic Metrics & Conversion Rates Yes Yes Yes
Answer Complex Analytical Questions No Yes Yes
Trend Analysis No Yes Yes
Historical Analysis No Yes Yes
Cohort Analysis No Yes Yes
Real-Time Funnel Analysis No Yes Yes
Early Warning System for At-Risk Metrics No Yes No
Compare Metrics to Company Targets No Yes Possible
Time-Based Forecasting No Yes Possible
Root Cause Analysis No Yes Yes
Deliver Insights via Mobile Feeds No Yes No
Cost and Complexity
Total Cost of Ownership Low Low Very High
Technical Skills Required Basic Basic Very Advanced
Time to Value Days or Weeks Hours Months
Overall Satisfaction Moderate High Low